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There is always a reason why you should think going offshore. Given the tax incentives available offshore, it makes sense in any international tax planning restructuring effort to shift activities from high tax countries to offshore jurisdictions and tax incentive international business centers, thus taking advantage of the reduced or zero tax rates and the double tax treaties where available.

C&N can help you with the registration of companies, both ​in Cyprus and in many other offshore centers. Our services include the registration of companies, opening bank accounts in Cyprus, Switzerland, Dubai and other centers, taxation and VAT planning, secretarial services, nominee services, administration and day to day support. You may speak with one of our experts who can analyse your specific needs and provide you with a range of solutions.
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  1. With C&N, I feel that I have my own professional team at my disposal. For any matter I need professional advice, they are always there to help. They go beyond numbers to real business helping my organisation achieve its objectives and align strategies with results
    Charles V.
  2. We needed to establish a complicated tax structure involving several jurisdictions around the world. C&N has a network which was utilised for our own benefit and we now work efficiently from several locations around the world.
    Alexander T.
  3. Our business processes were outdated and created a lot of inefficiencies. C&N has re-engineered and redesigned our processes to be more efficient and effective. We now work with our full potential towards our goals.
    Chris C.
  4. C&N has helped us establish companies in Cyprus, Dubai and Hong Kong. They are offering full support in each location, making our business run smoothly and seemlessly.
    Anatoly B.
C&N, Cyprus Auditors, Accountants and Fiduciary Services