C&N, Cyprus Auditors, Accountants and Fiduciary Services

International Business & Fiduciary services​​​

At C&N we specialise on the registration, administration and full support of international
​businesses.  With offices in Cyprus and partner offices in Dubai, the Seychelles and
​Hong Kong, we are in a unique position to provide unique planning solutions for our clients.

In a complex and demanding financial environment, solutions of the past are no longer adequate to meet the needs of the modern businessman, neither are adequate to ensure protection of your money, your assets and your lifetime achievements. We offer a wide range of services which we tailor to your specific needs.

C&N specialises on the registration of international business companies, assisting both on the set up of the company but also for the bank account opening as well as assising you in every operational need.  

Our team consists of professional lawyers ​and accountants with more than 20 years experience in offshore and international business is a guarantee of a discrete and confidential service that protects you in every respect.​ 

We can assist you find the appropriate solutions and company structures around the world so you shift your operations to low tax countries and minimise your overall tax liabilities.  Our services include the following:
​​o  Incorporation and administration of international and offshore entities
o  Advice and assistance in the registration of offshore trusts
o  Administration, accounting and audit of international business companies
o  ​Maintaining statutory records, minutes of director's and annual general meetings and other administration matters
o  Assisting in international tax planning and providing advice on group structures, double tax treaty implications etc.
o  Assistance with changes in the company's memorandum, articles, share capital, directors and the secretary
o  Full reporting requirements including annual audited financial statements, budgeting, cash flows etc
o  Office facilities (telephones, faxes, mail forwarding)
Providing nominee services (shareholders, directors and secretary) for confidentiality and other reasons
o  Providing registered office services
o  Assistance in opening and operating bank accounts
o  Dealing with Government authorities and other parties on your behalf
o  Advice and assistance on business and personal tax planning for expatriates
o  Immigration and government offices' work including work and residence permits, alien registration, driving licenses, duty free applications and liaison

o  Specialized administrative services mainly on documentation, credits, payroll and all aspects of day to day financial matters
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  1. With C&N, I feel that I have my own professional team at my disposal. For any matter I need professional advice, they are always there to help. They go beyond numbers to real business helping my organisation achieve its objectives and align strategies with results
    Charles V.
  2. We needed to establish a complicated tax structure involving several jurisdictions around the world. C&N has a network which was utilised for our own benefit and we now work efficiently from several locations around the world.
    Alexander T.
  3. Our business processes were outdated and created a lot of inefficiencies. C&N has re-engineered and redesigned our processes to be more efficient and effective. We now work with our full potential towards our goals.
    Chris C.
  4. C&N has helped us establish companies in Cyprus, Dubai and Hong Kong. They are offering full support in each location, making our business run smoothly and seemlessly.
    Anatoly B.


C&N, Cyprus Auditors, Accountants and Fiduciary Services