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International Jurisdictions​​​​

At C&N we specialise on the registration, administration and full support of international
​businesses.  With offices in Cyprus and partner offices in Dubai, the Seychelles and
​Hong Kong, we are in a unique position to provide unique planning solutions for our clients.

Whether acting individually or as part of an organisation, you may feel that your affairs would greatly benefit from the increased flexibility and tax efficiency inherent in many international products and services. We look at your situation, and consider some different advantages and uses that can be made of in different international jurisdictions and business centres.  As we specialise in serving International business clients, besides Cyprus we can assist you plan your business affairs in several reputable international business centres.

The following are traditional jurisdictions where C&N can help you register and operate your own international business company.  Together we can discuss your needs, consider the advantages for each jurisdiction and make with you the most appropriate choices.
o  B​ahamas
o  Belize
o  Bermuda
o  British Virgin Islands (BVI)
o  Cyprus
o  Delaware
o  United Arab Emirates
o  Gibraltar
o  Hong Kong
o  Isle of Man
o  Marshall Islands
o  Nevada
o  Nevis
o  Panama
o  Seychelles
o  United Kingdom
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  1. With C&N, I feel that I have my own professional team at my disposal. For any matter I need professional advice, they are always there to help. They go beyond numbers to real business helping my organisation achieve its objectives and align strategies with results
    Charles V.
  2. We needed to establish a complicated tax structure involving several jurisdictions around the world. C&N has a network which was utilised for our own benefit and we now work efficiently from several locations around the world.
    Alexander T.
  3. Our business processes were outdated and created a lot of inefficiencies. C&N has re-engineered and redesigned our processes to be more efficient and effective. We now work with our full potential towards our goals.
    Chris C.
  4. C&N has helped us establish companies in Cyprus, Dubai and Hong Kong. They are offering full support in each location, making our business run smoothly and seemlessly.
    Anatoly B.


C&N, Cyprus Auditors, Accountants and Fiduciary Services