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Why Cyprus?

  • Member of the European Union
  • Low company tax rate at 12.5%
  • Excellent air / sea connections
  • Extremely safe for families with top level educational system
  • State of the art telecommunications
  • Educated and skilled workforce
  • High level of professional services
  • Ideal geographic location
  • Excellent climate with more than 330 days of sunshine
Establish your business presence in Cyprus and get advantage of both the favourable tax system and the ideal business environment.
Live in a safe country which enjoys yearly growth with low unemployment and zero inflation.

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  1. International business centre
    ✔ Corporate tax rate one of the lowest in the EU at 12,5% ✔ Intellectual companies pay tax at 2,5% ✔ Personal tax rates amongst the lowest in Europe ✔ Individuals pay no tax for the first 19,500 euro earned ✔ Cyprus has signed 62 treaties to avoid double taxation for both companies and individuals
  2. Citizenship programme
    ✔ Citizenship program by investment ✔ Total amount invested restricted to 2,500,000 euro ✔ Freedom to work, reside, travel and study within the EU ✔ Visa free travel to more than 150 countries in the world ✔ Fast track procedure of only 6 months
  3. European Union member
    ✔ Full access to European Markets and EU trade agreements ✔ Member of the Eurozone with no exchange controls ✔ Free movement of goods, services and capital in the EU and EFTA countries without tariffs, bureaucracy or regulatory obstacles
  4. Strong business support
    ✔ Professional support at the highest level ✔ Well educated and skilled workforce and talent ✔ Easy to establish your business ✔ English is widely spoken and an official language ✔ Excellent telecommunications and operational support ✔ Low cost of labour, rent and operations
  5. Excellent regulatory structure
    ✔ Efficient and fast regulatory system for business start ups ✔ Regulatory system based on the English legal system ✔ Easy filing requirements for companies ✔ Strong protection of Intellectual Property
  6. Ideal for families
    ✔ Safe to live and work with low to zero crime ✔ Top level educational system ✔ Availability of English and other international schools ✔ A diverse island offering both sea and mountain experiences ✔ Excellent weather conditions with long summers and short mild sunny winters

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C&N, Cyprus Auditors, Accountants and Fiduciary Services