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C&N is a licensed audit, accounting and business advisory firm established in Cyprus in 1997.  
Operating from offices in Nicosia and Limassol, C&N offers services to clients from more
than 30 countries.    We are here to assist you in every business need you may have in Cyprus.

​​​​​C&N is a professional licensed audit firm which operates since 1997, with clients from more than 30 countries. Regulated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC), our firm is an assurance of the highest quality and service standards.  Our service offering includes accounting, auditing, tax, management consulting and fiduciary / offshore business services.  Our commitment to superior client care and total quality services has earned us an excellent reputation in Cyprus.  If you work with us, you will soon feel that you have your own team of professional accountants, lawyers and dedicated support staff at your disposal, to assist and protect you in every strategic move. 

C&N, a member of ICPAC

In today's complex and turbulent business environment, the choice of your professional advisor is a choice of ultimate importance, as it should be one of partnership, commitment and service excellence.   Choosing a professional firm, should not be a simple decision based on who can do the job.  It is a decision resulting from a a multifaceted evaluation framework, based on qualities such as trust, confidentiality, knowledge and expertise of the business, ability to understand your needs and future aspirations and ability to provide solutions.  So the choice is not about doing the job, but doing the best job possible! 


Cyprus has always been considered as an ideal location to conduct international business activities.  C&N has developed a specialised division  serving the needs of clients who want to use Cyprus as a location for their international and offshore business activities.​  Our international business management team consists of professional accountants, auditors and lawyers with a vast combined experience and expertise in serving international businesses. We offer full support, from day to day administrative and support issues to the most complicated business matters. 

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C&N, Cyprus Auditors, Accountants and Fiduciary Services